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08 Mar, 2018

Could Your Website Pass a Readability Test?

What Is a Readability Test Anyway? A readability test is a computerized program that uses a formula to analyze the

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05 Mar, 2018

The Anatomy of a Website: Why Every Part Counts, Right Down to the Pinky Toe

The anatomy of a website is like the anatomy of a person. All the pieces are important. The anatomy of

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20 Feb, 2018

Website Maintenance: Is the DIY Approach Really a Good Idea?

Why Website Maintenance Is Important Website maintenance is vital because your website not only provides the first impression of your

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12 Feb, 2018

Why Choose a Simple Elegant Website Design?

Simple Elegant Website Design Can Be the Most Efficient Why are we in favor of simple elegant website design? Although

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09 Feb, 2018

How to Write an About Page for a Website that Gets Wicked Conversions

Do You Really Know How to Write an About Page? You may think you know how to write an About

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